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I am a dedicated UX professional based in London, passionate about enhancing digital experiences through thoughtful design and problem-solving. My journey began with a pivotal internship at Investordocks, a startup where I immersed myself in end-to-end design, shaping brand identities, and crafting intuitive UX/UI interfaces. This experience not only honed my skills but also helped me conquer the challenges of working in a professional environment.

During the challenging period of the pandemic, I explored various odd jobs, which, despite being unfulfilling, provided me with valuable insights. These experiences clarified my passion for UX and pushed me to freelance, enabling me to work on diverse projects from company logos and posters to developing and maintaining websites. Alongside, I invested my time mastering tools like Figma and expanding my frontend development expertise, particularly in React JS. This period of growth solidified my determination to transition into a fulfilling career.

In 2021, my perseverance paid off when I joined TALNT, a subsidiary of Sheffield Haworth, as a frontend React JS Developer. Here, I not only sharpened my technical abilities but also nurtured my passion for design. I gradually assumed responsibility for TALNT's visual design, steering the UX/UI design process. Utilising tools like Figma, Webflow, and VSC, I created comprehensive storyboards, user flows, and mockups, refining the final designs. This role allowed me to seamlessly blend my frontend development skills with my passion for creating exceptional user experiences.

I am currently based in London, continuing my freelance endeavours, crafting digital products, and working on personal projects. If you wish to learn more about my work, collaborate, or simply engage in a conversation, feel free to reach out via email or Linkedin. I look forward to connecting and exploring new opportunities together in this dynamic digital landscape of 2023.



UX/UI Designer

2021 - 2023



2020 - 2021


Digital Designer

2019 - 2020


Visual Design and Concepting

I love making complicated problems simple and turning them into easy-to-use experiences. I specialise in creating attractive and practical user interfaces that meet clients' needs and help their businesses succeed.

Product Design

I appreciate harnessing user insights to craft products addressing real challenges while adding value to users. I collaborate with teams, including engineers and strategists, to understand needs, create concepts, and refine designs through testing.

Design Systems

As someone who pays close attention to details, I take great pleasure in developing systems that benefit both our internal teams and clients. I strongly believe that design systems are essential for making the design process streamlined, productive, and uniform. This, in turn, can assist organisations in crafting superior products and services.

React Development

Although I prefer designing I have a strong foundation in React, I create dynamic and responsive web applications. My expertise lies in crafting interactive user interfaces and ensuring seamless user experiences. Leveraging my skills, I contribute to building robust and user-friendly digital solutions.

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